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Outsourced IT

ACS Outsourced IT provides clients with complete “soup-to-nuts” IT infrastructure coverage from Helpdesk support to CIO services. It provides 24 X 7 X 365 monitoring and support, including coverage for emergencies & unforeseen events, as well as IT strategy and annual IT budget assistance, security updates, patches and data backups. ACS Outsourced IT also includes our services and expertise in the areas of Microsoft Exchange, Mac integration, “Thin” Client Architecture, Telephone Systems (VoIP), Disaster Recovery, Email Spam- and Virus-Filtering, Wireless Networks, Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. And perhaps best of all, we offer a fixed price for our services, so you can reliably project your costs and your savings.
Many small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from Outsourced IT from ACS. Common realities that suggest that companies should seriously consider Outsourced IT include:
  • Frequent system crashes and sluggish processing times
  • Important projects are not being completed and some are not even getting started
  • Significant knowledge gaps exist regarding current technology
  • Resourcing costs are continuing to grow without the benefit of increased efficiencies
  • Current mindset is reactive and non-strategic
  • Existing IT infrastructure is out-dated and poorly positioned for future growth
  • There exists significant server sprawl and a lack of virtualization
A typical ACS Outsourced IT client relationship begins with a comprehensive assessment of the current IT environment and a gap analysis to determine the appropriate and cost-effective approach a company should pursue to meet both its short- and long-term objectives for IT support. ACS then creates an IT infrastructure design and implementation plan to achieve the company’s goals. Once implementation is complete, ACS then “manages” the environment, monitoring performance and maintaining key components.
ACS provides a dedicated team of on-site resources, in just the right quantity and with just the right talents and skill sets to “manage” and maintain your company’s IT environment. As a part of our Outsourced IT offering, ACS employs industry-leading tools that enable cost-effective, efficient, remote and unobtrusive monitoring of our clients’ networks and systems for security, vulnerability and performance. These tools include REMOTE NETWORK & SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT, ENDPOINT SECURITY MANAGER, REMOTE BACKUP MANAGER, REMOTE AUDIT MANAGER, and REMOTE NETFLOW MANAGER.
With ACS Outsourced IT, we handle everything that an internal IT department would handle and more and we do it better and we do it for less. It is our most comprehensive offering to our clients and overwhelmingly, our most popular service.
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